Welcome to Arcana.io

Hello adventurers

I am happy your adventures have brought you to this corner of the internet. Hopefully you will find Arcana.io to be a useful resource during your game nights and campaign planning. I initially started building these tools as a way to make my own campaign planning easier but I quickly realized this was a great way to give back to a community that has given so much to me. If you find any of the tools or resources to be insufficient or inaccurate, I would love to hear from you in the form of comments or at feedback@arcana.io. I want to add features that you will love and not just a tool for myself so your feedback is important to the success of this website.

What is Arcana.io?

5E SRD Reference

Quickly search and filter all 5E SRD content. Designed to quickly and efficiently provide answers to your questions.

Homebrew Database

Store your homebrew creations so they are all neatly organized and searchable by yourself and others. User comments allow for constructive feedback. Private notes let anybody keep campaign specific notes on anything in the database.

Creation Tools

Use anything as a template to quickly branch new creations off of existing content. Export your creations to Homebrewery or Reddit format in one click. Save PDFs or images with your creations.


Get notified when others give feedback or use your creations to make their own. Follow users that create quality content.

What is next?

Campaign Management

Add anything from the database to your campaign for quick access. Create campaign journals.

More Database Options

Locations, NPCs, encounters, traps, riddles and more are all coming to the database.

DM & Player Tools

Spellbooks, inventory management, DM dashboard, and more.

What are your motivations?

I am a relative newcomer to the world of pen and paper RPGs. One thing I quickly learned when entering the hobby was that it is a very creative and giving community. It's not hard to find amazing, high quality content and ideas scattered all over the internet. I wanted to create something to help fuel those ideas and keep them coming. I also wanted to provide a place for others to quickly find that content so when they need a specific monster or NPC during a game, they arent left flipping through endless notes.

I want to thank all of the creators and players who put their content out there for the rest of us. It is inspiring and keeps our dice rolling week to week. Without your creations, my players would be fighting wave after wave of goblins. And while that sounds perfectly fine to me, I am sure they wouldn’t find it quite as amusing.

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